Seaside, Florida


Hi! I'm Julie Nelson, a creative director, designer and brand consultant in Chicago. For the past 14 years, I've been lucky to do meaningful work for some of the world’s best brands, start ups and small businesses. I've collaborated with large organizations such as Skype, Oprah, Target, Chicago Cubs and Disney while also helping grow new brands like Norm's Farms, Freeosk and Hirevue. 

I specializes in branding, communication design, logos, packaging and brand strategy. I understand the importance of collaboration, iteration and detail when working with clients. My process is a blend of research, design and strategy to create the most meaningful solutions. I'm passionate about keeping a sharp focus on creating simple yet compelling stories for my clients to tell. 

I have a BFA from Florida State University, a Masters of Education from University of North Florida and completed my postgraduate design work at The Portfolio Center in Atlanta. I am a founding member of the Executive Board of EPIC and have taught typography, packaging and branding at the Chicago Portfolio School

But enough about me. Please tell me about you. 

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